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ALTOUR is the largest independently owned travel management company in the United States and one of the largest travel management companies globally. In addition to travel management services, ALTOUR companies include ALTOUR Air, ALTOUR Tech, ALTOUR Meetings and Incentives and the ALTOUR Global Network.
1270 Avenue of the Americas
New York NY 10020 -
Phone: (212)897-5000
American Scandinavian Society of New York
The American Scandinavian Society of New York was founded in 1908 with the purpose of promoting and strengthening the cultural, educational and intellectual relations among the five Scandinavian Countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and the United States. The Society is a non-profit organization and sponsors a variety of activities; from art exhibits and concerts to the festive Christmas Ball. One of the most important missions of the Society is to help support outstanding Scandinavian and Scandinavian-American artists, in particular through the Cultural Grants Program. Membership is open to all who are interested in supporting the Society and its mission.
317 East 52nd Street
New York NY 10022 -
American Swedish Historical Museum
Variety of Viking-themed shirts, books and gifts. Scandinavian cooking, toys and more!
1900 Pattison Ave
Philadelphia PA 19145 - USA
Phone: (610)203-8268
ArkivDigital provides online access to Swedish historical records. As of August 2017, the online archive consists of over 70 million newly colored photographed images or about 140 million pages of historical records. 600,000 new images are added monthly. The online archive includes Swedish church books from the earliest times to the mid-20th century, estate inventories similar to probate records, military records, tax registers, passenger ship manifests for persons leaving from Sweden, court records and much more. ArkivDigital is the premier site for the both the Swedish genealogist and historical researcher.
Phone: [8889784716 ]
Danish American Heritage Society
The Danish American Heritage Society (DAHS) was founded in 1977 to explore and record the history of Danish immigrants to the United States and Canada. At its core the Danish American Heritage Society is a historical organization. However, we use the word heritage in our name to indicate our support of broader activities such as sponsoring conferences and cooperating with other organizations on joint projects. The DAHS believes that there is an intrinsic value in identifying, understanding and preserving our ethnic heritage. We devote our energies to achieving that goal. The DAHS publishes twice-yearly a historical journal, The Bridge, which contains scholarly and popular articles and other content of interest to our constituency. DAHS members receive a complementary subscription. The DAHS organizes and sponsors periodic conferences highlighting current research on Danish American and Danish life, culture and history. The DAHS provides Bodtker Grants stipends for students and scholars interested in studying and researching topics related to Danish immigration to North America and Danish American culture.
Danish Pioneer Newspaper
Information - Newspaper
Estonian Tourist Board
Travel information on Estonia
Mündi 2
Enterprize Estonia/Est T.B.
10146 Tallinn - Estonia
Finlandia Foundation NY Metro
Finlandia Foundation NY Metropolitan Chapter is one of the foremost nonprofit organizations to further cultural and educational exchange between the United States and Finland. Founded in 1954, today there are 48 chapters across the USA. Our mission is to sustain both Finnish-American culture in the New York tri-state area and the ancestral tie with Finland by raising funds for grants and scholarships, initiating innovative national programs, and encouraging a vast network of advocates.
23 7th St
Cresskill NJ 07626 -
International travel
Leif Ericson Viking Ship, Inc.
Viking history
New Sweden Centre
Swedish information
Nordstjernan Swedish News
Norwegian Faering boat
Boat exhibit
8 Partridge Run
Washington NJ 07882 -
Phone: (908)887-4085
Old Swedes Foundation
Old Swedes Foundation provides for the care, maintenance, preservation and promotion of the Old Swedes Church, Old Swedes Burial Ground and Hendrickson House in the city of Wilmington, Delaware, as historical monuments and points of interest. The Foundation (also known as Old Swedes Historic Site) maintains a library, provides educational tours of grounds, Old Swedes Church and the Hendrickson House, and archives and makes available the historical records of Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church and Burial Ground to those involved in genealogical and historical research.
606 Church Street
Wilmington DE 19801 -
Phone: (302)652-5629
Scandinavian Tourist Board
Travel information
Sons of Norway 3rd District
The largest Norwegian-American organization in the world.
183 Evergreen Ave.
Bethpage NY 11714 -
SWEA New Jersey Chapter
SWEA, Swedish Women's Educational Association Inc., is a global non-profit organization for Swedish speaking women who live or have lived abroad. SWEA's objective is to protect the Swedish language, support and inform about our culture and traditions. SWEA supports education through scholarships and various projects with a Swedish connection. SWEA New Jersey Chapter has about 90 members.
7 Lexington Court
Chatham NJ 07928 - USA
The Norwegian Immigration Association, Inc.
Film: 2000 Ellis Island Exhibit opening celebration titled, "Norwegians in New York, 1825-2000"
The Skylands Ásatrú Fellowship
The Skylands Ásatrú Fellowship is a religious non-profit based in northwest New Jersey where they practice the religion called Ásatrú, which is the modern expression of the ancient religion of the people of northern and western Europe before they were converted to Christianity. They worship the old gods of the North; Odin, Thor, Freyja, and others, as well as the local land-spirits and ancestors. There are a variety of different types of events held: religious, educational, and social, throughout the Sussex/Morris/Warren/Hunterdon county area (known as the Skylands region).
Vinland Longships
Vinland Longships is a Viking reenactment group that owns a 22 foot Viking Faering (four oared) boat. The Skogar Þrostur (SKO-gar THROW-stur) which means "Blackbird" in Old Norse, is based on the faering boat buried with the Gokstad ship in Norway in the 9th century. The reenactors who founded Vinland Longships have organized educational demonstrations on Viking ships and Viking life, crafts and culture for the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, the Norwegian Embassy and the American Swedish Museum, among many others. They taught docents at the American Museum of Natural History in New York and have travelled to L'Anse aux Meadows, Canada, St. Petersberg, Russia and up and down the east coast educating people about Viking ship construction, navigation and history. The Adventures of the Skogar Þrostur are documented at
1166 Slater Rd
New Britian CT 06053 - USA
Phone: (860)223-6843